Hubert and Tiki are the core members and head instructors of the Ban’s GIG Drums. They have taught countless students with different backgrounds, including those with learning disabilities, hyperactivity disorder, autism, emotional disturbances, etc. To further improve the quality of the children’s drumming programs, Hubert and Tiki pursued post-graduate studies the United Kingdom and the United States, respectively, after which they worked together to create the unique GIG Drummies Child Development Program in Hong Kong, applying their accumulated experience and knowledge. The program’s aim is to let students acquire important elements of holistic development through drumming.

Hubert (left) and Tiki (right)

Hubert Leung (Program Director)

Hubert Leung is the head instructor of Ban’s GIG Drums who has acquired more than ten years of experience in drums and music and the field of child development. After completing studies at the University of Hong Kong for an M.S. in Behavioral Health, he went abroad to California, USA, for an M.S. in Child Development. He is dedicated to exploring how group drumming can help children’s emotional and social development as well as moderate stress. During his studies, he was a kindergarten teacher in California’s public schools, teaching students from different backgrounds. Music is not the only channel for Hubert to connect with students. He was also an energetic swimming coach.

  • M.A. Child & Adolescent Development (San Jose State University)

  • M.Soc. Sc Behavioral Health (The University of Hong Kong)

  • B.Soc. Sc Psychology (City University of Hong Kong)

  • Member, APAGS

  • Graduate Member, HKPS

  • Early Childhood Playgroup Advanced Teacher Training Certificate

  • Music Therapy (Autistic Children) Teacher Training Certificate

  • Expressive Arts as Healing Certificate, HKU

  • Person-Centered Approach to Expressive Art Certificate, HKU

Tiki Tong (Creative Director)

Tiki Tong is the senior instructor of Ban’s GIG Drums who has more than eight years of teaching experience and has taught in many kindergartens and primary schools. She loves being with children and is enthusiastic about research in the field of child psychological development. Children always love being with her. Tiki completed her M.S. in Psychology with her final essay, “Play Activities and Social Competence of Preschool and Primary School Children in Hong Kong,” in the United Kingdom. Since returning to Hong Kong, she has been actively promoting the enhancement of children’s physical and mental development through drumming.

  • M.Sc. Psychology (UK)

  • MBPsS

  • Graduate Member, HKPS

  • Early Childhood Playgroup Advanced Teacher Training Certificate

  • Music Therapy (Autistic Children) Teacher Training Certificate

Other Faculty

All instructors are experienced Ban’s GIG Drums Team members with more than five years’ teaching experience. Besides learning drums and music from our director, BanGoGo, they also learned from famous African drum masters, Makha Diop and Kumi Masunaga. All instructors visit Japan and other Southeast Asian countries regularly to advance their drumming skills. In addition, they have taken part in countless mass performances in which they have acquired ample stage and teaching experiences.

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