Teaching Characteristics

GIG Drummies Child Development Program was founded by veteran drumming tutors who have overseas post-graduate qualifications in child psychology and child development, and it has invited professors to be advisors. Its effect of enhancing children’s whole person development is proven by academic studies. The program is different from mainstream interest groups that focus primarily on musical skills and knowledge. In our lessons, we focus on facilitating children’s growth and development, such as how they handle relationships, express themselves, control their emotions and build up their self-care abilities, by using drums and music.

According to the theory by Camilleri (2002), children’s in-born music abilities are not the prerequisite to their learning results. The core of learning is the process, the experience and the chance to freely explore. Those are a bridge for children to develop their potential . Whether or not a child is good in drumming skills is secondary.

Camilleri, V. (2002). Community building through drumming. The Arts in Psychotherapy, 29, 261-264.

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