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Taiko Program (age 4 or above)

This program is designed for drumming techniques and rhythms suitable for older children. Psychological theories and game- inspired teaching methods are also applied in the program. Through systemic and repetitive practices, students’ drumming techniques and musical knowledge are consolidated step -by -step. This program requires self-discipline of the students because self-discipline is a basic element of being a professional drummer. Outstanding students will be chosen as members of our Ban’s GIG Drums Team and join public performances with our other professional drum players to gain more performance experience and confidence.​

  • Course Leaflet
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  • Course Inquiry
  1. Please contact GIG Drummies for confirmation of vacancies. (2512 2368 or

  2. Complete the application form and consent letter. (The form can be downloaded from here         、fax for request or visit our center in person to get the form.)

  3. Please send the completed form and pay the fee by one of the following methods:

    • Cash:

      Pay in person at Ban’s GIG Drums' Studio (By appointment) *please do not send cash by mail.

    • Cheque:

      Hand in the crossed cheque made payable to “Ban’s GIG Drums (Hong Kong) Limited”  in person (By appointment).

    • Bank transfer: 

      Transfer the fee to our HSBC bank account “Ban’s GIG Drums (Hong Kong) Limited” (account no.:023-305402-838) and return the bank-in slip by What's App(+852 66445184) , Email,  Fax(+852 2510 7413), or post.

    • FPS 

      Transfer the fee to our FPS account ( and return the bank-in slip/Screenshots by What's App(+852 66445184) , Email,  Fax(+852 2510 7413), or post.

  4. After collecting the fee and application form, we will contact you by phone or e-mail to confirm a successful application.

Terms and Conditions Policy

Health and Safety

  • Parents are advised to consider the student’s health condition and the suitability of taking class(es). Ban’s GIG Drums (HK) Ltd. accepts no liability for any injury or accidents related to the student’s health condition.

  • Parents should inform instructors of any special needs or issues with regard to their children, either in a letter or in the “Special Issues That We Should Be Aware Of” section under the application form.

  • Ban’s GIG Drums (HK) Ltd. accepts no liability for any injury or accidents that occur in class. However, we will inform the rightful party and provide assistance accordingly.

  • Parents bear full responsibility in taking care of their children before and after class. Ban’s GIG Drums (HK) Ltd. will not be responsible for any loss, injury, or accident outside the classroom.

Class Rules and Requirements

  • Please expect the acoustic level during class will be slightly higher than normal. Parents may help their children to put in earplugs if necessary. Earplugs are available for purchase at our office.

  • To ensure the attainment of expected learning outcomes, students must be punctual and are recommended to arrive 10 minutes before each class to allow the student to prepare both physically and mentally and to prevent injuries due to lack of warm-up exercise.

  • Students are required to wash and sanitize their hands before entering the classroom, and socks are required inside the classroom

  • Students are advised to wear comfortable, casual clothing. For girls, please do not wear dresses or skirts.

  • Students are required to bring the Child Development Program Handbook to every class ( only applicable to the Child Development Program).

Tuition, Continuation, Leaves, and Make-up Classes

  • Payment should be made in full before the term commences. Ban’s GIG Drums (HK) Ltd. reserves the right to withdraw any students who have not paid for the class(es).

  • For course continuation, the next tuition can be paid during the last lesson of the term.

  • Except under special circumstances, tuition cannot be refunded.

  • For any personal leaves, students must inform us at least 2 days in advance (or 2 hours for sick leaves) in order to apply for make-up classes. Make-up classes should be scheduled within a single term and cannot be extended across terms.

  • Please call us directly to pre-arrange make-up classes.

Severe Weather Arrangement

  • All classes will commence as usual when Typhoon Signal No. 1 or 3 or Amber or Red Rainstorm is in effect.

  • All classes will be cancelled and postponed when Typhoon Signal No. 8 or Black Rainstorm Signal is hoisted up to 2 hours before the class commences.

  • When Typhoon Signal No. 8 or Black Rainstorm Signal is cancelled at least 2 hours before the class commences, the class will resume.

  • When the weather conditions are severe, parents can call us to inquire about the class arrangement of the day.

  • Ban’s GIG Drums (HK) Ltd. reserves the right of decision on the class arrangement with regard to the weather conditions and the safety of students. Ban’s GIG Drums (HK) Ltd. will contact parents directly about the decision made.

Friendly Reminder

  • Students who have enrolled for 2 consecutive terms with at least 80% attendance rate may apply for a certificate of completion. Please approach our officers for an application.

  • Parents are welcome to wait inside the lounge during class. Refreshments and Wi-Fi access are available.

  • Ban’s GIG Drums (HK) Ltd. reserves the right of recording, photographing or videotaping for record, promotion and training purposes. Please let us know in writing if you do not wish to be included. To ensure the smoothness of the class, parents are forbidden to take pictures or videos, unless permission or invitation is given.

  • "Like" GIG Drummies Fan Page on Facebook to receive updates and to browse the memorable photos!

  • Ban’s GIG Drums (HK) Ltd. reserves the right to alter course content or the instructor if necessary without prior individual notice.

  • Ban’s GIG Drums (HK) Ltd. reserves the final right of decision on all matters in case of any disputes.

*Effective Date 7 August, 2014

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