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Parent's Voice

Learning mutual respect and team spirit from the instructors


“My child is different from other children. He is very self-centered, stubborn and emotional. He couldn’t communicate properly and or get along with people, so I decided to let him learn African drumming in the hope that he could build his confidence and social skills through it.”

“Thinking back, he was a very troublesome kid, always losing his temper, and he could not handle failures. Fortunately, instructors of Ban’s GIG Drums were full of love and patience in teaching and encouraging him. My child eventually gained experience from failures. Now, he shows his confidence every time he is drumming. He became friends with all the other children in his class. They helped and cared for each other. More importantly, my child learned what mutual respect and team spirit are from each of the instructors, so he can live a better life.”

From speaking in a small voice to shouting “I want to drum!”

“My child is a comparatively quiet and introverted child. Teachers at kindergarten had told me that my child was too shy to talk in school and didn’t have many friends. My friend introduced Ban’s GIG Drums to me and told me I could bring my child there and experience the atmosphere of group drumming. I went with doubt at first, but then I found my child became more positive and confident in the musical environment. He spoke only in a small voice at first. Now he shouts, ‘ I want to drum,’ during the lessons!”

I appreciate Ban’s GIG Drum’s mission and spirit, and I rest assured in entrusting my child to their training

“My child learned not only drumming at Ban’s GIG Drum, but he also learned to cooperate with other children. We really appreciate Ban’s GIG Drum’s mission and spirit, so I rest assured in entrusting my child to their training. My son is very happy after every drumming lesson.”

Obvious improvements in emotions and behaviors

“It’s been three years since he first started drumming, and there have been obvious improvements in his emotions and behaviors. I remember that he used to cry when he lost in a game, now he would encourage himself to work harder. Teachers at his school found that his sense of rhythm significantly improved. So I really want to thank the instructors’ devoted teaching.”

You gave him a different life, I can see a confident and independent kid because of you

“Thank you so much for bringing my son to the world of drumming. He does not only love it but addict to it.
His initiative in playing the drum and playing naturally on the stage mean a lot to me. He has always been treated as one who can't speak and talk and express himself at school. More, he always stays by himself at school, as far as told by the teachers.”

“However, he is just different in your hand. I can see a confident and independent little boy. He followed the instructions by the staff, disciplined, chatting with the others and I saw him telling the boys next to him the right movement verbally. Again, what you have done is highly appreciated.”

He studies harder to persevere in his interests and dreams and continue his drumming lessons


“My child learned to persevere in his interests and dreams. He works very hard, aiming at performing on stage. He practices all the time. He beats on his tummy while he’s eating, beats on the doors while we’re waiting for the elevator, and beats on the counter while we’re waiting at the cashier. He eyes me sharply when I scold him.”

“He has been studying harder to achieve good results because Dad said the drumming lessons will have to be stopped if he cannot catch up. My child says instructors at the drumming lessons are very nice to him. He likes being with them as it makes him happy.”

It is more than drumming, and he is totally engaged in music

“Since my child enrolled in your class, I realize that he has developed strong interests in music — whenever he hears music, he starts swaying in time with the beat. Besides, learning to playing drums has benefited his skill in playing guitar as well, especially in catching rhythms. Most importantly, my child has great fun in every lesson. Thank you very much!”

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