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Since 2006, Ban’s GIG Drums (BGD) has been offering drumming lessons for children to let them experience innovative music and a happy environment to grow and develop in. In 2012, experienced instructors completed master’s courses in child development and child psychology in the United States and the United Kingdom. They are determined to take drumming and childhood development to a more professional level. BGD has established GIG Drummies as a major professional department in children’s whole person development.

The children’s drumming lessons focus on students’ holistic development. They find their potential and strengthen their relationships with parents. Many children who were in the first cohort of BGD’s drumming courses are still enjoying and benefiting from the exciting classes. Some talented students become members of BGD’s Kids GIG Drums Team, performing on stage with professional drummers. Because of professional guidelines, we cannot offer formal therapy for children with special needs, such as those with autism or emotional problems, but these children have

shown significant improvements under our experienced instructors’ care and nurturing. Parents agree that the results are comparable to or can facilitate mainstream psychological treatments.

Many academic studies have proven the numerous benefits of drum music on children’s physical and psychological development. For example, in a study by Locke and Clark (2009), whether children have normal or delayed development or display abnormal behavior, drumming classes helped improve their coordination, memory and concentration abilities and made them less aggressive. Furthermore, Stone (2005) found that group drumming classes enhanced communication between children. They develop a sense of community among themselves and reinforce their social development.

Through continuous studies and research, GIG Drummies has created a unique new childhood development program in drumming. It enables children to experience well-rounded development in an enjoyable environment and promotes this meaningful mission to others.

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